reilley-training-wide-1HTML and XML coding, Jekyll

Content Management Systems (CMS):  Wordpress, Surreal CMS, Movable Type, Blogger

Online research and applications

Mobile media as a reporting tool: iPhone and iPad apps for video, audio and social media in reporting

Bootstrap and (beginning) Foundation front-end design platforms

Adobe Photoshop, Creative Cloud certified

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe-authorized class certificate

Final Cut Pro, certified


Tableau Public

Google News Lab tools

Venngage,, Piktochart

Adobe Illustrator basics

Audience engagment and social media curation tools

Audacity, Garage Band (audio and podcasting)

Mapping and video blogging resources

Basic understanding of Flash, Javascript, CGI scripts and how they gather/sort information.

DOTS, Desire2Learn, Blackboard online teaching platforms and course development tools such as VoiceThread and Screencast-o-Matic

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