reilleytrainingIf you want to know what kind of teacher and colleague I am, just ask my former students and co-workers. Here’s what a few of them had to say on LinkedIn:

“Mike Reilley was a visiting professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University while I was an undergrad in the program. I was his student for two courses: Basic Writing [now Editing and Writing the News] and News and New Media, a class offered at the dawn of the Internet as a news medium in 1997. Medill came around early to the idea of making the Internet a part of the curriculum in large part because of Mike’s pioneering for the cause. As an editor at the Chicago Tribune’s online group, he recognized the potential of this medium as both a way to gather and distribute news and opinion way before his peers in the ivory tower of academia. Beyond that, he was an excellent teacher who recognized the potential in his students as well. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Mike’s guidance and support early in my career.” — Jeff Few, product manager at ImagineKind and former program manager.

“While at Northwestern University, I went out of my way to take as many classes as possible with Mike Reilley. He was without question the best professor I had in the journalism program. Mike’s ability to bring his real-world experience into the classroom is second to none, and he has a knack for focusing on the skills that will prepare students for any journalism-based career path. Mike’s desire to help students improve is what separates him from other professors. I strongly recommend Mike Reilley for any educator position.” — Josh Kusntizow, producer, Big Ten Network.

“I was a student of Mike’s as an undergraduate at Northwestern and I can’t say enough good things about him. I signed up for every class of his that I could. His real world experience in journalism, coupled with his knack for staying on top of trends in reporting, was very helpful and inspirational to me. He demands hard work and excellence because he has a vested interest in every student’s success. He also has an amazing ability to relate to students of all ages and was always available outside of the classroom for help on assignments, as well as counseling on life and career plans.” — Elizabeth Milam Moreno, senior manager, cause communications, American Heart Association.

“The Journalist’s Toolbox tells you a lot about Mike Reilley. It tells you he’s a hell of a reporter and knows how to think through stories and find sources. It tells you that he knows a lot about the web and was thinking early about how to use it as a reporter. It tells you he is generous in sharing his knowledge and skill with other journalists. I was a user and fan of the Journalist’s Toolbox before I came to API and began working directly with Mike.” — the late Steve Buttry, LSU Manship School, Mike’s boss when the American Press Institute owned The Journalist’s Toolbox.

“Mike was one of the early pioneers at the Tribune in bringing, at that time, something called the Internet into a newsroom full of people who thought newsprint would be king forever. He used his knowledge, energy and drive to help us understand what the future might bring. His innovations were only the start of a medium that would transform all media companies.” — John Cherwa, Los Angeles Times, referring to Mike’s work at the Chicago Tribune

“In the time we worked together, Mike Reilley was a hard-nosed, valuable and versatile reporter and talented writer. He covered everything from high schools to the (then) L.A. Rams and did so very well. I also know that the staff members at AOL were very happy with contract work he did for them when CBS SportsLine had a working relationship with that company. Mike has greatly expanded his skill sets since he wrote for me and added a lot of experience in a number of areas, including editing and teaching. I believe he would be well qualified for any number of writing, editing or journalism teaching jobs, including management.”  — the late Craig Stanke, former Managing Editor, CBS Sportsline, and was one of Mike’s immediate supervisors at the Los Angeles Times.

You can find more comments on my LinkedIn bio.

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